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Tom Duffy's Circus 2016
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Tom Duffy's Circus 2016 Tom Duffy's Circus 2016 Tom Duffy's Circus 2016
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Welcome to Tom Duffy's, Ireland's Favourite Circus.

Tom Duffy’s Circus is back to celebrate 250 years of modern Circus. An impressive line-up in promised from Irelands Favourite Circus including acts from all corners of the globe and headlined by the Duffy’s own award winning Wheel of Death.

Tom and Jamie Duffy are quite literally a whirlwind duo. Complete concentration, balance, absolute trust in each other and a fearless mentality combine together to produce a heart-stopping performance on the Wheel of Death. As the huge wheel revolves getting faster and faster the brothers run, jump and skip as the lights blur. There are screams and many members of the audience can only watch through their fingers. Jamie is one of only a handful of people in the world to perform a forward somersault on the outside of the wheel. Just last month Tom & Jamie won the Silver Clown award at the Monte Carlo Circus Festival, the New Generation, in the Circus world this is equal only to the Oscars. These Irish boys are now a class act in their own right. The Duffy brothers take circus to the MAX!

The Kenya Boys are making a welcome return to Ireland, with their astonishing acrobatics, twisting, tumbling, and startling human pyramids while lovers of traditional circus acts will roar with laughter at the antics of the hilarious clowns, David and Raffy who take on ghosts, each other and the audience.

As always, the animal acts are the main draw for regular visitors. Our loveable giants, the St Bernard dogs, tend to dominate the ring, but it’s the cheeky miniature poodles that raise a smile with their mischief.

With the modern Circus art of manipulating laser lights, the Duo Lugo show a combination of lights and music resulting in a dazzling eruption of colour and wonder that will leave you breathless.

The flying Regio really are Masters of the Air. Taking the traditional Flying Trapeze to new heights the Flying Regio have two lanes of flying trapeze, performing a quadruple passage with four fliers flying through the air at the same time, absolutely breath-taking.

Tom Duffy's 2018 is a show not to be missed!!

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