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Sensory Performances

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Posted: 1st Feb 2022

Our Sensory performances are less noisy than standard performances, with lighting and special effects being toned down to ensure there are no very bright or flashing lights while ensuring the Big Top does not go into darkness. Some minor adjustments are made to the performance to keep children and other family members relaxed, and Laserman will not feature in these performances.

The performance includes some of the most amazing and death-defying Circus acts in the world, including flying trapeze, hilarious clowns, incredible acrobatics, and the jaw-dropping Wheel of Death.

At Tom Duffy’s Circus, we believe in inclusiveness; many years ago, we made a significant change to our seats to assist people with physical disabilities. Now we have flexible seating in the front row of all our seating areas to ensure those in wheelchairs or with other physical difficulties have plenty of choice of seating.

We understand that for families who have members with sensory issues around noise and lights attending one of our performances would be difficult. Loud music, flashing lights and the Big Top going into darkness for periods means a lot of families miss out. We believe Circus should be open to everyone, and the sensory-friendly performance will ensure all members of families can attend.

Unfortunately, we don't have Sensory Friendly performances in every location we visit, they are scheduled on a rotating regional basis. To check if there is a Sensory Friendly Performance scheduled for your area check out our venues page.

Posted by: mark1212