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Images of our 2020 show are coming soon!

Our 2018 show

Clown 2018 David Clowns 2018 all

Hoop 2018  II Hoop 2018

Wheel 2018 I Wheel 2018 II NEW

Dogs 2018 I Dogs 2018 II

Kenyans 2018 I Kenyans 2018 II

Laserman 2018 Laserman 2018 II

Production 2018 Production 2018 II

Flying Act 2018  platform Flying Act 2018 Flying

Our 2017 show

Wheel resized Wheel 2017

Tom and Jamie Duffy are quite literally a whirlwind duo. Complete concentration, balance, absolute trust in each other and a fearless mentality combine together to produce a heart-stopping performance on the Wheel of Death. As the huge wheel revolves getting faster and faster the brothers run, jump and skip as the lights blur. There are screams and many members of the audience can only watch through their fingers. Jamie is one of only a handful of people in the world to perform a forward somersault on the outside of the wheel. Their daredevil exploits have taken them to appear in Europe’s leading circuses each winter and recently they beat many world class acts to win the prestigious gold award the 'Grand Prix Der Artisten' in Hannover last month. These Irish boys are now a class act in their own right. The Duffy brothers take circus to the MAX ! Clowns Ladder Ghostbusters

Lovers of traditional circus acts will roar with laughter at the antics of our hilarious clowns, David and Raffy from Mexico.

Globe Medium

Prepare yourself for a white-knuckle ride as Team Pavlov rev up their supercharged motorcycles. The noise of the engines increases and that deafening roaring sound is right in front of you. Three young Brazilian daredevils enter the huge steel globe one by one. They begin to circle the inside of the globe, crisscrossing each other, making dizzying rotations as they defy gravity. Skimming past each other it is difficult to tell whether they are upside down or sideways Once they have started they can't stop or their bikes would fall on top of them. How do they not collide. It is danger it is excitement !

Cradle Cloudswing

The Duo Teelker are a truly international couple from Holland and Portugal. They demonstrate power, agility and amazing technique high in the Big Top on the aerial cradle. The audience holds its breath as strength blends seamlessly with the fascinating lightness of flight. Effective drops, twists and turns culminate in an amazing whirlwind helicopter spin.

David Juggling 2017

Kenya Boys

The Kenya Boys are making a welcome return to Ireland, with their astonishing acrobatics, twisting, tumbling and startling human pyramids.


Dogs Dogs II

As always, the animal acts are the main draw for regular visitors. Our loveable giants, the St Bernard dogs, tend to dominate the ring, but it’s the cheeky miniature poodles that raise a smile with their mischief.